Deriv Commission India Review

Deriv is a global broker that provides its clients with three convenient trading platforms. They can trade Forex assets, stocks & indices, as well as cryptocurrencies.

The broker is regulated by multiple authorities from different countries. Additionally, it takes care of its client's personal data security.

Do I get commission as a payment agent?

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Do I get commission on trading?

When trading on the stock exchange, you typically pay a commission to your broker. This could be either an as-per-trade fee or per share fee.

For traders who frequently trade large positions, the per-share fee can be advantageous as they only pay one flat rate to buy and sell stocks rather than being charged per share in commissions. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for new investors to calculate how much they'll owe in commissions by multiplying the number of shares traded by the broker's per-share rate.

Additionally, if your brokerage charges per-trade fees, it can be difficult to discern how much commissions you owe. For instance, if the broker charges $0.0025 per share, then multiplying that by 10,000 shares traded will give you your total cost in commissions paid.

Brokers' profits come from various sources, such as trading commissions, margin interest, securities lending and payment for order flow. In Q2 2019, Charles Schwab reported earnings of $1.6 billion in net interest versus $174 million in commissions - making commissions approximately 6.4% of their overall revenue. It's important to check a broker's commission schedule but some don't charge any at all; particularly those that offer free trading on certain types of holdings.

Do I get commission on withdrawals?

Deriv Commission India did not charge any additional fees for withdrawing or replenishing an account, though they do charge a swap fee for transfers of trading positions to the following day. Furthermore, Deriv lacks legitimate licensing regulations so traders should avoid this broker. As far as commissions go, Deriv offers several platforms for various assets including fiat currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, options and synthetic indices with leverage up to 1:1,000 for synthetic indices and 1:100 for financial indices.

Do I get commission on deposits?

If you receive commission on deposits, it's likely not for the purpose of making money; rather, it's a security measure to protect the company from fraudulent transactions. To avoid these fees, sign up for direct deposit which deposits funds directly into your account - much faster than sending paper checks and saving time going to the bank. Moreover, this broker has been around for two decades and is known for its multiple trading platforms and modern interfaces as well as numerous promotions including free trade offers and contests for newcomers.