Deriv Desktop App India 2023

Deriv is a stock and commodity trading platform that offers premium binary options with payouts of up to 50,000 USD. It has an easy-to-use onscreen interface for trading convenience. Download the app today from Ubuntu's Software Center to get started!

Now keep all of TradingView findable from just one click on your desktop menu

TradingView is one of the leading charting platforms on the market, boasting an array of charts, technical indicators and drawing tools for both beginner and experienced traders alike. With hundreds of pre-built studies, a vast community-built indicator library, and powerful drawing tools at your disposal, TradingView provides everything a trader needs to get started.

TradingView provides a range of indicators for advanced technical analysis and charting, such as Moving Average, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Stochastics, Fibonacci retracements and volume-based indicators. Plus you can create your own indicators using Pine Script's customizable feature set.

The platform also has an integrated stock screener, forex screener and crypto screener. Users can filter stocks, ETFs and cryptos based on various criteria like performance, valuation, dividends, margins, income statement details, balance sheet figures, oscillators and more to find the ideal investment opportunity.

Trading volume insights allow you to identify the biggest gainers and losers in real-time. Plus, you can view stock and cryptocurrency price changes as heatmaps on various time frames.

Many other charting platforms are filled with ads and slow to load, but TradingView stands out due to its ad-free website that functions like a desktop app. Furthermore, its user-friendly UI requires no programming skills for use - making it the ideal choice for beginners.

It boasts an impressive user base of 15.5 million active investors and 6 million trading ideas, giving its social aspect an invaluable educational advantage. By discussing markets and sharing trading ideas, you can increase your investment knowledge base exponentially.

TradingView also offers paid plans in addition to their free offering, ranging from monthly to yearly with each coming with a 30-day trial.

Paid accounts offer an enhanced selection of charts, timeframes and charting tools. They support up to eight charts per screen with custom indicators and strategies that you define.

Additionally, you can create watchlists to stay abreast of your favorite markets and monitor price movements. Furthermore, you have the power to set alerts on charts, strategies, drawings and technical indicators.

Add a symbol to your watchlist by typing it into the provided space and hitting 'Enter.' This UI shortcut saves time when you have a large list of symbols to add, though always double-check its settings before doing so.

Desktop app In browser

The desktop app is relatively new but already a trading mainstay. It boasts all the major forex pairs plus more, an attractive user interface, and plenty of cool stuff that will keep your hands busy for hours on end. Best of all? All this stuff will be free if you're willing to take the bait!


If you want to quickly access TradingView from your desktop menu with just one click, there are a few easy tricks that can help make this possible. Popular emulators such as BlueStacks, LDPlayer, Nox and KOPlayer make running Deriv on PC much simpler - simply install one of these great programs!

To get started with Deriv, open the app and sign in using your deriv account details. From here you can save your current chart layout, sign out, enable sharing (on or off), and set auto-saving so you don't lose any analysis or chart settings.

This menu also provides access to the Pair Selector (GBP/USD in this image), a convenient tool for quickly switching between pairs or symbols when trading. Moreover, you can adjust your time frame or choose another chart type by clicking on the appropriate button.

The left side menu provides you with all the trading tools you'll need, such as rectangles, lines and retracements. You can access the economic calendar and alerts tab from here, plus view your orders directly. Moreover, chat window and messages tabs allow for interaction with other traders.


TradingView desktop app provides an effortless way to organize all of your favorite charts and indicators in one convenient place. The interface feels smooth and streamlined, with large enough chart areas that let you fit all your favorites without compromising screen space. Day traders will appreciate its real-time trade tracking feature, plus open positions monitoring capabilities - all accessible with just one click! Although this software is relatively new, it has already made waves within the investment industry.