How to Open a Deriv Real Account MT4 India

Deriv is an online trading platform available 24/7 with a broad selection of derivatives. It provides currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, synthetic indices, CFDs and digital options.

Deriv provides a suite of tools to help traders gain confidence. These include demo accounts that allow you to practice without risking your own funds.

Online trading platform

An online trading platform is a software system that enables traders to place orders for financial commodities. They are accessible to both individual and institutional investors alike, being accessible anywhere with either a computer or mobile device.

When selecting a trading platform, it is important to determine one that best meets your individual requirements. For instance, you may want to go with a broker offering an user-friendly interface, superior customer service and complimentary educational resources.

Alternatively, you might consider looking for a broker regulated by either the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). These firms adhere to stringent guidelines regarding client treatment, and must report any potential market abuse violations to appropriate authorities.

Another essential factor to consider is the accessibility of advanced trading tools. You should look for platforms that provide trading strategies, sophisticated charting, automated trades and real-time news feeds.

A reliable trading platform should offer charts displaying various indicators and oscillators. Furthermore, they should enable you to chart company events such as earnings reports or stock splits.

You should also be able to set alerts that notify you when certain chart patterns emerge. For instance, an alert can be set up when a price or indicator reaches a particular level and when an oscillator peaks.

The ideal trading platforms should be intuitive and user-friendly, offering an easy to navigate menu with topics suitable for newcomers.

Some online trading platforms can be accessed by anyone, while others require account registration and payment of either an annual or monthly maintenance fee. This could be a deal breaker for some people, so it's worth verifying if your broker offers free membership to the trading platform in question.

Customer service

Deriv offers an impressive selection of trading options across various asset classes such as forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies. Their web interface is user friendly with minimal clutter design. Furthermore, their customer service team are top notch; they always answer queries promptly. It's no wonder Deriv has earned its reputation as the best online forex broker in India; you won't find a better deal elsewhere in town! However, as with any financial institution it's important to do your due diligence to make the right choice for your needs. Deriv has earned its title as India's number one online forex broker!


Spread is a financial term that describes the difference in price between the bid and ask price of an asset or security. It can range from small to large, depending on the market and type of trading. Spreads are usually expressed in pips, meaning they represent profit for the broker who initiates the trade on behalf of either buyer or seller.

Spreads can also be used to compare prices at two distinct points in time, such as a spread on a March futures contract and a June futures contract. Furthermore, the size of a spread can be affected by volatility and risk; wider during periods when markets move rapidly and narrower during calmer periods when things feel more stable.

Deriv provides traders with a selection of spreads to suit their needs. Furthermore, Deriv allows traders to use leverage up to 1:1,000. Leverage allows traders to open larger positions with smaller funds, which could be advantageous when taking advantage of high-risk opportunities.

Deriv offers traders access to an array of volatility index instruments in addition to the VIX 75 and its proprietary synthetic indices, making it a perfect platform for traders implementing any strategy.

The company is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority and boasts an excellent reputation for tight spreads and speedy order execution. For new traders, its Standard account offers spreads starting at 0.6 pips with no commission fee; however, there is a mark-up applied to this spread of 1 pip above its liquidity providers' raw interbank rate.

Trading conditions

To open a Deriv real account MT4 India, the user must first select a server from the interface. At this stage, the address, name and ping of the server are displayed. After this has been done, users can specify details about an existing trade account or create one from scratch by providing their full name, email address and selecting one type from available options. Finally they should fill in both "Login" and "Password" fields with relevant account info as well as providing valid phone number.

Deriv offers traders access to trading all day and night. However, the volume of trades tends to be low on weekends which could mean lower volatility and spreads for traders. Furthermore, this platform is licensed and regulated, making it a secure option for online trading.