Deriv Register India 2023

Deriv is a multi-asset broker that lets users trade forex, commodities, synthetic indices and stock. Additionally, the firm offers an expansive selection of live trading accounts suitable for both novices and experienced investors alike.

Deriv offers a free account to new traders as an easy way to practice trading and learn how to balance winnings and losses. It's the perfect opportunity for investors to try their skills out on Deriv.


Derivatives are sophisticated trading/investing instruments that require specialized skill and knowledge to trade them successfully. This event will provide an introduction to derivatives like futures and options, along with their pricing and hedging principles. Furthermore, it will cover key equity derivatives traded in India. Perfect for anyone interested in trading or investing in financial markets, this masterclass is essential!

HR professionals must be able to leverage their people data in order to link HR practices with business performance and deliver value for the organization. This Masterclass will equip you with digitally adeptness and analytical capability so that you can hold evidence-based conversations with clients. Furthermore, it will give you insight into data analytics' role within HR, as well as how to incorporate it into everyday work activities. Join this webinar now and gain invaluable insights that can enhance your HR career!


Deriv is a reliable Forex broker with over two decades of experience and an unblemished security record. Traders can fund their accounts using various methods like bank wire transfers and credit cards, enabling them to make and withdraw profits quickly and safely.

Its platform provides traders with a range of tools to stay on top of their trades, such as market information that displays how BID and ASK prices change over time. Furthermore, users can test automated strategies and monitor their progress.

This platform is available across web browsers and desktops, making it accessible from any location. It also offers a demo account for beginners to practice trading without risking real money. Furthermore, users have the ability to trade currencies, commodities, synthetic indices, and stocks.

Traders can register for an account with Deriv by providing proof of identity and financial details. Once this has been done, they will receive their personal area login credentials as well as trading account details. Upon setting up the account, traders can deposit funds into it using credit cards or e-wallets; alternatively they may transfer funds from other traders through peer-to-peer transactions - an easy method which requires no extra fees and makes Deriv a popular choice among traders who prefer trading while on-the-go. Furthermore, Deriv has a mobile app available for those who prefer trading on the go!

Trading account

Deriv is an online trading platform that provides access to a vast selection of markets, currencies and instruments. Its user-friendly interface makes it effortless for traders to trade from any location while its mobile app keeps users active while they're out and about. Furthermore, Deriv offers a free demo account so you can practice trading techniques without risking your own funds.

The National Stock Exchange of India has recently extended the market trade timing for interest rate derivatives from 9 am to 5 pm, effective February 23. Currently, these contracts are traded between 9 am and 3:30 pm; this change is meant to align with underlying market timings. All existing expiry month derivatives as well as those introduced in 2023 will now be open for trading until 5 pm on their expiration dates. Most importantly, this change makes trading with interest rate derivatives much simpler and potentially profitable; even if some traders have never traded before it may find it difficult to make the transition.